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Where Are The Opportunities With ENECON?

Utilities - Military - Industry - Governments - Municipalities

We’re Looking For Someone Who’s Looking For Something More!

We’ll help you build your own industrial distribution business as part of our rapidly expanding, international distributorship organization in a technologically exciting industry.

ENECON is an industry leader in the critical field of fluid flow systems performance enhancement and plant life extension. We supply some of the most advanced products for repairing and protecting all types of fluid flow machinery, equipment and structures damaged by erosion, corrosion, wear, impact, chemical attack, hydrostatic pressure or mineral scale build-up.

Many of our distributors are personally experiencing that the potential - personal, professional and economic - is truly unlimited for highly motivated and talented individuals who can effectively sell and service all types of industries, utilities, institutions and government agencies in their exclusive, protected territories.

Complete training and on-going field support are provided by ENECON’s seasoned management team that is totally committed to your success.

Send us some information about yourself using the form to the right, telling us why we should make you part of the ENECON team. We are an extraordinary organization interested only in extraordinary people.

An Incredible Business Opportunity...

ENECON’s wide range of products repair and protect vital fluid flow components and extend the life of very expensive and often irreplaceable machinery, equipment, and plant structures. Our special formulations guard against and repair erosion, corrosion, chemical attack and mineral scale buildup.

ENECON’s distributors call on everyone from pulp and paper mills, petrochemical plants and power stations to hospitals, schools, and shopping malls. After all, every corporation, utility, institution, local/state/federal agency, commercial establishment and even private residences use and/or process fluids — especially water.

ENECON provides extensive and intensive technical training, marketing and sales support, plus field engineering backup to all of its distributors in North America and throughout the rest of the world.

Founders Andrew A. Janczak and Edward Krensel

The founders...
Andrew A. Janczak
President & C.O.O.

Edward Krensel
Chairman & C.E.O.

ENECON Corporation’s unique arsenal of high performance products are being used everyday throughout the world. They offer distributors unrivalled opportunities for developing extraordinarily successful businesses in a recession proof market. Very few new plants are being built today, so existing facilities must be maintained and kept operational.

Often, a maintenance engineer’s budget may not allow for the purchase of a new pump, valve or other component, so existing equipment must be maintained to keep functioning effectively.

ENECON distributors quickly develop an enviable reputation as the fluid flow systems troubleshooters. They are called on to diagnose problems and prescribe cost effective solutions. As they carry local stocks, distributors can respond very quickly to their client’s needs—earning praise from their customers and substantial profits for themselves. Not a bad combination!

The senior management of ENECON Corporation have more than 75 years of combined practical experience in solving some of the toughest erosion/corrosion problems in industry. They have built very dynamic and highly successful multimillion dollar businesses in the past that focused on fluid flow systems problems in utilities, government agencies, institutions and industry. They have recruited, trained, and coached to success hundreds of salespeople, dealers and distributors, some of whom went on to earn substantial six-figure incomes. Furthermore, they have sold to some of the largest Fortune 500 Companies, utilities and government agencies in North America, as well as in the Caribbean, the Middle East, Central America, Asia and Europe.

Edward Krensel, the Chairman & CEO of ENECON Corporation, believes that, "Any facility that has pipes and equipment carrying water, chemicals, or oil is a potential customer; any operator of motor vehicles, heavy equipment or marine vessels is a potential customer." In short, just about every facility is a prospect and potential customer for ENECON’s fluid flow systems performance enhancement products and services. According to Mr. Krensel, "The business opportunities are simply incredible!"

ENECON is continuing its dynamic expansion and is actively looking to appoint additional exclusive distributors for lucrative protected territories throughout key markets around the world.

For further information call 888-4-ENECON or contact us using the form above.

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